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About the Salt Course

The Salt Course is a six-evening course exploring life’s big questions, from a Christian perspective. You'll be assigned to a small group of 4-6 people coming from differing perspectives (each group is led by a facilitator). Each week, we’ll have a short talk and then discuss that week's question.

What is the Salt Course?

Across the 6 weeks, we focus on six universal questions that many people are asking.

Meaning: Isn't there more to life than this?
Satisfaction: How can I be happy?
Morality: How can I be good?
Hope: Is there a future for humanity?
‍Truth: Who can I trust?
Peace: How do we overcome anxiety?

The salt team is a collective of friends from a young, central London church. Grace London. We are a collective of students young professionals, intentional. some of us have been Christian for a long time, and others have found faith more recently.

Our speaker Jeremy Moses is a pastor at Grace London. He studied philosophy, politics, and economics at Oxford. He originally came from a secular Jewish family and found faith at university. Since then he has been passionate about creating an open space for secular Londoners to explore other perspectives on life. (a group table picture)

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All are welcome

You might be curious, sceptical or interested in exploring the Christian faith. Some are simply interested in having a good discussion about the stuff that matters. All backgrounds and beliefs are welcome!

A place to belong

We start as a diverse group with different perspectives. We’ve had Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, those who are simply curious and everyone in between. There's plenty of discussion, many opinions shared and much laughter in the process.

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